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Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy


SECAS Louisville Presentations, October 2017

  1. Welcome to SEAFWA, Gibson
  2. Aligning Actions for Success, Myers
  3. SECAS Blueprint 2.0, Mordecai
  4. At-Risk Species Conservation Opportunities in the Southeast: SECAS Case Study, Harris
  5. Fire Resilliant Landscapes, Martin
  6. SECAS Marsh Migration Modeling, Bartush
  7. Florida State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP) Integration, Branciforte
  8. Gopher Tortoise Conservation Initiative, Ambrose
  9. Threat Assessment, Simpson
  10. Alligator Gar Habitat Suitability Index, Brown
  11. Demonstrating Value and Support for Expansion, Carr
  12. Mapping Future Forests, Green
  13. Collaborative Conservation SECAS Style,
  14. Expanding the Vision: State Wildlife Action Plans, Humpert
  15. SECAS 2018 and Beyond, Gibson
  16. SECAS Summary
  17. Combined Presentations from SECAS, Louisville