Table summarizing the major changes made by year, from Southeast Blueprint 1.0 in 2016 to Southeast Blueprint 2022 in 2022.
Major changes made in each annual Southeast Blueprint update.

The changelog for the Southeast Blueprint has been updated to include the improvements made in Blueprint 2022! In the tech world, a changelog is an easy-to-read document that captures the significant changes made in each version of a project or software program. So, every year, we update the Southeast Blueprint changelog to capture the major changes made in the latest version of the Blueprint. It serves as a helpful resource for SECAS staff, and we hope it also helps you understand what changed and why.

Since we did a major overhaul of our Blueprint approach this year, the 2022 changelog chapter obviously includes some significant changes. Now that we are using consistent methods and data across larger swaths of the Southeast for the first time, the changelog will become more detailed in future years as we track improvements to the indicators, modeling methodology, connectivity analysis, etc.

You can download the changelog pdf directly. It is also now included in the Blueprint 2022 data download package.