Map of the inputs used in Southeast Blueprint 2020.
The 2022 Southeast Blueprint will use a consistent modeling approach for the area currently covered by the Texas CHAT (pink), Okalhoma CHAT (dark green), Middle Southeast Blueprint (light green), Gulf Hypoxia (light blue), Appalachian NatureScape (yellow), and South Atlantic Blueprint (purple) plans.

More consistency in methods and indicators is one of the most requested improvements for the Southeast Conservation Blueprint. This is becoming increasingly important as more people are now wanting to use the Southeast Blueprint across large multi-state areas. In 2022, there’s going to be a big leap forward in that consistency. We’re going to use the same indicators and methods across most of the Southeast.

The new approach will build off of lessons learned in the Middle Southeast Blueprint, Appalachian NatureScape, Texas and Oklahoma CHAT, Gulf Hypoxia Blueprint, and the South Atlantic Blueprint. In 2022, the area covered by all those inputs will all be run with consistent indicators and methods. Collectively those inputs cover the entire Southeast with the exception of Virginia, West Virginia (covered by Nature’s Network), Florida (covered by the Florida Blueprint), and Puerto Rico (covered by the Caribbean Landscape Conservation Design). There’ll be more information on the new approach in the coming months.

There will be a number of ways for you to be involved in the new approach. At the beginning of next year, there will be some indicator review teams open to evaluate drafts indicators for the 2022 Blueprint. There will also be virtual/in-person workshops in late spring/early summer 2022 to review the draft Blueprint. While many of these opportunities only take an hour or two of your time, they’re super helpful in improving the Blueprint and documenting known issues. This new approach isn’t going to be easy, but I’m confident that with your help, we can make some big improvements to the Blueprint. We’ll send out more info on how to get involved in future SECAS newsletters.