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Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy


The Southeast Conservation Blueprint

The Southeast Conservation Blueprint is a living, spatial plan that identifies priority areas for a connected network of lands and waters.

We measure progress toward the SECAS 10% goal using the best available data from existing Southeast-wide monitoring programs since SECAS was established in 2011.

Supporting Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (SEAFWA) states and territories

Regional Species of Greatest Conservation Need

The Southeast Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies’ Wildlife Diversity Committee has developed a list of “Regional Species of Greatest Conservation Need” (RSGCN) that highlights the region’s extraordinary biodiversity and endemism and identifies priority species for cross-state cooperation.



State Wildlife Action Plan Alignment Survey

In 2021, SECAS assisted with a survey of Southeast State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP) coordinators to help improve regional SWAP alignment.

State Blueprint Reports

The 2020 SECAS Futures Project

The 2020 SECAS Futures Project was a year-long effort to examine how SECAS is adding value to partner organizations and sustaining progress toward meeting its vision and goal. The final report provides a comprehensive evaluation of the partnership.

SECAS Charter

The official charter outlines the governance structure of SECAS and the function of the Executive Steering Committee. The Steering Committee approved the charter in August 2023 and the SEAFWA Board of Directors later adopted it at their annual business meeting in October.

SECAS Statement of Shared Purpose

The SECAS Statement of Shared Purpose was approved by the Steering Committee in May 2021. As one of the recommendations of the Futures Project, the statement was collaboratively developed among the SECAS Points of Contact, SECAS staff, Steering Committee, and other partnership representatives to improve coordination and communication about SECAS while providing greater detail on the vision, structure, function and organization of the initiative.

SECAS Organizational Structure

Learn how the SECAS partnership is organized: