New SECAS logo with a suite of four white silhouetted icons against an orange, green, navy, and purple background - a dogwood flower, mountains with a road between them, a great blue heron, and a sea trout.
See a glimpse of the new SECAS logo, coming soon!

Amidst all the work on user support and Blueprint development over the last year, SECAS staff have also been working on branding! We’re nearly ready to unveil a new logo and associated branding guide. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of our new look.

What do you think? It’s so hard to depict the wide range of issues and ecosystems that SECAS works on in one “fun size” visual, but I hope you can find your little slice of SECAS represented somewhere in this logo. You may start to see it appear in various places as we start to update some of our online mapping tools and other web content. Stay tuned for more information as part of the big reveal!