Photo of green meadow with white flowers and scattered trees.
Piedmont prairie at Mason Farm in Chapel Hill, NC. Photo by Rua Mordecai, USFWS.

SECAS needs you to take a closer look at the Blueprint’s grassland indicators!

The Southeast Blueprint has a couple of indicators to represent the quality of grasslands in the continental Southeast: Interior Southeast grasslands and Great Plains perennial grasslands. Your SECAS staff strive to continually improve the indicators in the Blueprint, and this year, we’re working on a big update to these two indicators. In fact, we are hoping to combine those two indicators into one giant indicator that covers the 15 Southeastern states.

It’s a big undertaking—that’s why we need your help. We want to ensure that your priority places for grasslands are represented in the Blueprint. The good news is that we’ve already gotten a great start and some initial feedback on ways to improve it, but we want to cast a wider net and open the review to even more people.

Please sign up to attend a virtual, one-hour meeting to look over the drafts that we have developed for the new Southeast grasslands indicator. You only need to register for one meeting, since the same content will be presented at both. The links to register are below.

Bonus points if you sign up and forward this blog to your colleagues who could also contribute!

Meeting Date/Time

Can’t attend a virtual meeting, but still interested in providing feedback? Email Emily Granstaff, Blueprint User Support Specialist, at to set up a call.