Graphic from goal report showing percent change in each indicator score.
Estimated percent change in indicator over 4 years based on most recently available data.

You may remember that, last year, SECAS officially adopted a goal of a 10% or greater improvement in the health, function, and connectivity of Southeastern ecosystems by 2060. One of the near-term metrics for that goal was a 1% improvement every 4 years. So, how are we doing so far?

The 2019 report on SECAS goal progress, Recent Trends in Southeastern Ecosystems, is now online. It integrates results from 10 different assessments covering the Southeast, and estimates trends based on the most recent 3-6 years of data available. The plan is to create an updated progress report like this every year. This is just the first attempt at this and comments and ideas for future reports are certainly welcome (email

You can view the report here: