Map of Draft Southeast Blueprint 4.0.
Draft Southeast Blueprint 4.0 identifies important areas for conservation and restoration across the Southeast and Caribbean.

This year’s draft update of the Southeast Conservation Blueprint is now up and ready for you to explore. We made lots of great improvements this year, including:

  • Fixed the overprioritization in Texas, Oklahoma, and the mountains of West Virginia and Virginia
  • Improved priorities in the Lower Mississippi Valley, Louisiana marshes, and the Southern Appalachians
  • Updated inputs from Florida and the Middle South
  • Expanded marine coverage to fully include state and federal waters around Florida
  • Hubs and corridors layer now includes all of Florida

The draft Blueprint update is now online here: If you see any major problems with it, just let me know ( The plan is for this update to be final after the Southeast Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (SEAFWA) meeting at the end of this month.