Screenshot of the story map showing the SECAS region highlighted in green, pins for the location of each story, and a bottom menu with a title and thumbnail image for each story.
The SECAS in Action story map.

We talk a lot about how folks are using the South Atlantic Blueprint, but what about other examples throughout the Southeast? As you may already know, the South Atlantic Blueprint integrates with other regional priorities to create a Southeast-wide Blueprint as part of the Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy, or SECAS.

Rua and I have been working on an update to a story map on the SECAS website entitled “SECAS in Action”. It combines the latest success stories highlighting how the Southeast Blueprint and other cross-boundary products of SECAS have helped inform strategic decision-making and bring in new resources for conservation. You’ll recognize lots of great stories from the South Atlantic, as well as other parts of the Southeast and Caribbean!

Several other stories are still being developed, so we’ll keep adding new stories (and more details) as we get them. I’m particularly excited about an upcoming story covering how the Blueprint has helped inform the restoration and management efforts of Longleaf Implementation Teams in the Southeast.

We’re going to refresh the entire SECAS website in the next few months. The story map is just the first step. So keep checking the SECAS website for the latest information!